Passport PDX: Places Real & Imaginary

Portland, OR. –   Jeffrey Thomas Fine Art is pleased to present PASSPORT PDX: Places Real & Imaginary, a group exhibition of unique works by over 21 different regional artists that is free and open to the public through Saturday, June 3.

PASSPORT PDX: Places Real & Imaginary is part of the gallery’s focus in 2017 on engaging artwork that is both accessible and unique to Portland fine art champions. Organized by John Huff and curated by Jeffrey Thomas, the artists in PASSPORT PDX: Places Real & Imaginary have been selected for their particular styles of expression that effectively and intensely transport the viewer to a particular place or territory, ranging from traditional landscape painting to surrealism to the construction of abstract space.

Each and every artist creates a body of work that exists as a sort of unique and foreign land, using a visual language that creates an exotic landscape to be engaged and explored and navigated as new cultural territory. However, certain artist wants their work to conjure up a specific sense of a space or place or world or dimension.

While many traditional landscape paintings generate their impact from depicting familiar forms that exist in the world that we see all around us, abstract artwork that is not bound to any natural conventions can also move us to get “lost in space”.  For example, just think of standing in front of a huge Jackson Pollack canvas and feeling like you are lost in the timeless blinking lights and complexity of an entire galaxy.