One of the great pleasures of supporting fine art is the opportunity to meet interesting artists, visit their studios and to make a difference by supporting their work. Jeffrey is also a skilled moderator who has hosted many events where he encourages the audience to participate in direct dialog with the artists themselves.

Conversing with Artists 2016


• Ellen Wishnetsky-Mueller on her new exhibition Material Witness

Martha Bergman returns with Making Marks: A Brief History of Pigments and Their Usage


SUMMER 2016 series

Brian Borrello discusses his new exhibition Tooth & Claw

Christine Bourdette & Helen Lessick: Making Public Art

Martha Bergman: Taking Color Off the Wheel

Junko Iijima: Casting Brass + Iron for the Migration Installation

Laura Fritz & Ellen George: Memories of Color


SPRING 2016 Series

Relevance of Titles, Language, Setting the Stage, Explaining Ourselves

Conversing with Artists 2015

autumn 2015 SERIES

Eva Lake + Ellen Wishnetsky-Mueller: Beauty in the Age of Indifference

Pat Barrett:  Black as a Color in the exhibition Dark Matter

Justyn Hegreberg:  The Art of Darkness

Laura Fritz: The Development of Uncertainty and Mystery in My Work



Heather Hutchison: How I Survive as a New York Artist

Ben Buswell & Sean Healy: Artwork Made from The Sum of Its Parts

Fernanda D’Agostino: The Role of Video in Immersive Installation Art

Brad Johnson & Brad Mildrexler: Working the Terrain of Geologic Forms