In 1982, after traveling around the world for 2 years, Jeffrey took a job with William Jamison’s Folkcraft Gallery then showcasing the work of artists from around the world, and was a natural fit for Jeffrey’s stories of far-flung places. In 1985, Thomas became a full partner and the Jamison/Thomas Gallery was born.

As the gallery’s focus shifted from global folk art to American contemporary art with an “outsider” edge, the two owners saw the need for expansion beyond Portland.  In 1986, Jamison/Thomas New York opened its doors in a tiny storefront on the West Village’s Thompson Street. In 1988 the Jamison/Thomas gallery moved into a former brassiere factory in Soho, where Jeffrey curated and installed over 40 solo and group exhibitions to critical acclaim in Artforum, Artnews and Art in America.


Jamison Thomas Gallery / NYC / 1991