Jeffrey Thomas encourages simple and honest evaluations of art opportunities as they are found and arranges for the final purchase and display of artwork. There are many other curators, art advisors and art brokers in the market place. Jeffrey has observed that while many collections do have inventory of recognizable and important works, they have also opened their walls to artists and artworks that are being hyped in the media and the market place.

Many galleries are commercially successful with a wide range of artists and work on display rather than limiting inventory to those individual works of art that will have long term financial and curatorial stability. In fact, some galleries and auction businesses have simply become a clearing houses for unwanted wall decor.


  • Identify and install the right mix of art pieces for all project types, and scale up or down to accommodate a project’s needs and size as required by time and budget:

    • Single and multi-family residences

    • Hotels and other hospitality spaces

    • Offices

    • Restaurants and public spaces.

  • Select, acquire, and help present artworks for clients to purchase, and to sell.

  • Collaborate with architects and designers to create spaces congenial to the display and conservation of artworks.

  • If working for a client with an extensive art collection, curate and design exhibitions.

  • Commissioning artists to do site-specific works.

  • Locate a collection of pieces that suit a development project and desired

  • Art fair guidance