Eutectic Gallery

While Jeffrey was the Director for the Museum of Contemporary Craft, which was moving to the cutting edge of "critical craft" in its exhibitions, he saw a real need and opportunity for a community-minded gallery focused on the generations of clay artists who had made Oregon their home and contributed so much to the cultural distinctions of this region.

Ideally, this place would serve as a hub for the clay community: a modest but enduring place that would embrace the craft and artisan movement here in Portland, and where the young and the old could share their experiences and exchange their ideas.

So at the beginning of 2013, Jeffrey joined forces with the Mudshark Studios crew to form the Eutectic Gallery for Contemporary Ceramics, bringing his gallery expertise and innovative curatorial background to increase awareness and support for the Oregon clay community.

February 2014 marked the Eutectic Gallery‚Äôs wildly successful first year as a vibrant center for viewing contemporary American ceramic artwork in Portland. Once Eutectic was up and running smoothly, Jeffrey felt that the time was right to step away from the day-to-day operations and focus his time on developing a national audience for art advisory and brokerage services.