While a work of art can certainly be enhanced with a carefully chosen frame or pedestal, preservation and protection are equally important considerations. Jeffrey Thomas will provide you with excellent services for all your framing or installation needs: design, protection, restoration, installation and shipping of fine artwork.

Jeffrey works closely with a talented assortment of craftspeople which includes wood carvers and intricate joiners, 23K gold gilders, frame restorers, plastic and metal fabricators. Our extended art care services include on-site consultation at our office or your home


  • Framing design of museum quality to provide optimum protection for the client's investment.

  • Complimentary pick-up and delivery of custom framing

  • Delivering and installation of all framed artwork

  • Experienced Design Consultation

  • Handcrafted Frames with European Detailing

  • Historic Frame Replication

  • Large Scale Projects

  • High Volume Projects

  • Art Pick-Up and Delivery

  • Expert Art Installation

  • Frame Restoration

  • Art Selection Service

  • Art Collection Monitoring and Maintenance

  • Fine Art Object Repair

  • Fine Photography Framing

  • Custom Mirrors

  • Plexiglass Box Framing for Art Objects

  • Art Shipping and Receiving

  • Damage Restoration from Fire or Water