My work is about transforming an array of organic materials resulting in sculptures that recall objects that haunt the periphery of my memory a long forgotten book, unfolded rugs, or half-constructed vessels. My materials are hard and soft, strong and vulnerable – from oxidized metal, steel, and aluminum to cocoons, tulle, silk yarn, handmade paper and recycled industrial felt. The resulting works are constructed with materials altered by the passage of time, mixed with diaphanous, pliant and inherently fragile elements – all of which I deliberately cut, tear, bend and reconfigure. Despite the range of materials, my forms summon a neutral palette that call attention to the subtlety of hue unified with attention to edges, layers and repetition accenting the paradox of opposition and unification in the work.

Ellen Wishnetsky- Mueller is now based in Portland, Oregon but grew up in Detroit, Michigan. Ellen studied fashion design at Parsons and printmaking and painting at Wayne State University.  Early on she worked in commercial art doing illustration and graphic design. Doing figurative work for a couple of decades she then turned to abstract painting.  After overseeing an extensive house renovation and working with spatial relationships in a new way she started doing sculpture.  Calling on her history with fiber and her love of weathered steel her sculptures combine a myriad of materials very much informed by nature.