My work has developed from a background in fabric arts to writing with repetitious mark-making. To me the transition from using thread to creating lines with a pen or pencil, circles, squares, semi-circles, and other marks seem a natural outgrowth of that history. I see the works as being on the borderline of drawing, knitting, weaving and writing. I find a satisfaction in working slowly, celebrating the handmade in a world that, I fear, is becoming more and more computerized.

Claire Browne was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, but grew up in Wiesbaden, Germany, which enabled her to visit England, Austria, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, and France.  Living in Europe was a life-changing experience as she explored the art, architecture, and textiles of the various countries.   Returning from Europe, Browne applied to the University of Claremont Graduate School to receive an MFA.  She studied with Roland Reiss, Neda Al-Hilali and other professional artists from Los Angeles, which had become a major art center.  In 2000 she began to exhibit at Newspace Gallery.  Browne’s work at that time was strongly influenced by the vast sky could be seen from her hillside home and by walking the beach in Santa Monica before her classes.  Browne has exhibited at the Riverside Art Museum, Riverside ,CA; Da Gallery, Pomona, CA. the Claremont Graduate School Galleries, Claremont, California; Loyola Law School Gallery; Davis & Kline Gallery in Ashland, OR.; Kohn Turner Gallery, Los Angeles, and other numerous venues.  Browne has been included in the Pacific coast edition of New American Paintings, and her work has been reviewed in the Los Angeles Times and Artweek, among others.  Five years ago she moved to Portland, OR.