The Color of Memory: A Group Exhibition Curated by Jeffrey Thomas

Portland, OR. – Jeffrey Thomas Fine Art is pleased to present THE COLOR OF MEMORY opening on Wednesday, June 29th with a public reception for the artist in the Gallery from 6-8 pm.

What is the color of memory?  Of all our human senses, what visual works of art can actively stimulate us to a sense of wonder, remembrance and revelation? 

We know that different smells can trigger intense and often immediate recollections of time and place in each of us.   The summer scent of new mown grass, pine-sap on your fingers or the aroma our own mother’s cooking are all examples of familiar experiences to us.   And speaking of cooking, taste is another sense that can transport us into our past.   Our sense of touch is another feeling that can trigger immediate and memorable responses in us: neither a kiss nor a fist are easily forgotten.  As for our hearing, play on!