Jeffrey Thomas Fine Art

Over his many years as a gallery owner and artist representative, Jeffrey has been tasked with the stewardship of a growing collection of art objects, the curatorship of exciting and relevant exhibitions and the outreach of various programs to engage the Portland community.  

Now he has created Jeffrey Thomas Fine Art as a primary and discrete resource of related fine art services for private and institutional collectors.  Whether it is the simple assessment of lighting needs, or the complex and comprehensive management of an art collection, Jeffrey can assist you in making the right decision that is the best solution for
your project.

Jeffrey Thomas Fine Art / 2015

Jeffrey Thomas Fine Art 2015

Jeffrey Thomas Fine Art | 2015

Jeffrey Thomas Fine Art 2015


Source and curate provocative and engaging contemporary art exhibitions while providing various individual and corporate clients with developed, managed, and shaped art collections in private and public settings, based on their interests and objectives as well as offer brokerage services for individual or corporate clients to place artworks for sale through private treaty or public sales.


Jeffrey Thomas combines a range of intelligent fine art services, thoughtfully-curated solo and group exhibitions and an informal salon program of engaging social and cultural events, providing guidance for the discovery and embrace of the contemporary art world to both experienced and beginning art collectors and buyers.


We are committed to hosting a space for the exchange of ideas from pioneering and seasoned artists. We champion an installation-based exhibition space that is periodically activated by performance workshops and public talks, offering the community various ways to experience and engage with the work on view.