An art collector’s art collection can often comprise a significant portion of their net worth. Jeffrey Thomas will work with appropriate estate planning resources in reviewing the art wealth of the portfolio, especially given its unique liquidity, selling, tax and estate planning issues.

For many collectors, art is a passionate pursuit, not just a hobby. The thrill is often in the research and then the hunt. Art collecting is elevates the curious, and provides the introduction to connect to all of humanity through the acquisition of fine art.


  • Manage estate liquidation

  • Determine referrals to provide expert financial guidelines and tax advantage tactics

  • Provide strategic and transparent asset class management

  • Serve as clients’ advocate and fiduciary.

  • Estate Planning

  • Document artwork provenance in a written standardized form with digital images.

  • Provide counsel for estate wealth transfer strategies of fine art

  • Develop programs for tax & estate planning

  • Establish & oversee Family Limited Partnerships (FLPs)

  • Manage value risk by reviewing collection diversification

  • Execute philanthropic visions

  • Negotiate art loans & advances

  • Execute auction or private sales