The ownership of artwork is a serious responsibility.  Properly taken care of, a work of art can engage generations of viewers over centuries.  After all, as we know now from a trip to a museum anywhere in the world, art collections are the cultural heritage of all mankind.  At best, we are temporary stewards of the art we possess, and these fine art objects require our care to be preserved.  

However, things happen.  Pieces get broken or moldy or chipped or torn, and then it is time to get it looked at and possibly repaired by a trained conservation professional in that field.  A conservator might also be desirous to improve the condition of an artwork for resale or to achieve a higher price at auction.

All conservation studios are not alike.   Let me help guide you to the right resource.


  • Review your conservation needs and inspect artwork for improvement.

  • Provide reputable professional resources for conservation of paintings and objects.

  • Establish best practices procedures for the maintenance and conservation of individual works or collections of art.