Art Advisory functions as a good coach by helping you understand your taste and what you really want from collecting art. I will work with you to get to know your sensibility and find the kind of art that will reflect you and challenge you. Based on my knowledge of available art and a clear understanding of your personality, I will present you with options that stretch your taste and your intellect. I will open your mind.

"I will teach, advise and happily share knowledge with you. I will introduces you to my sources, assemble a great and engaging curriculum for you and take you to the wide world of artists' studios."


  • Personal interview with client regarding aesthetic preferences, budget and timeframe of project.
  • Jeffrey Thomas Art Advisory provides clients an insider's entree to the art world, tailored to their particular interests through education and exposure to a broad range of artists, galleries, museums, art fairs and events
  • Renting artworks for the client from available sources.
  • Educational presentations and lectures, both formal and informal, to increase knowledge and understanding of art and awareness of the artists' process and intent.
  • Discuss and understand art preferences
  • Jeffrey Thomas Fine Art Advisory provides service to both experienced and beginning art collectors and buyers.
  • Whether advice is sought in purchasing a single artwork or developing a collection over time, Jeffrey Thomas Art Advisory is a valuable guide to the world of fine art appreciation.